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Siarter Iaith


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Our aim as a county is to inspire our children and young people to use their Welsh in all aspects of their lives.
Two languages = Twice the choice!
  • Ensure that all the stakeholders of the school are aware of our vision 'The Welsh language is all ours.'
  • Raise the profile of the use of Welsh around the school.
  • The School Council promotes the use of Welsh.
  • We have a clear development plan for promoting the charter.
  • We use the baseline as a starting point to assess impact.
We are:-
  • Celebrating and encouraging.
  • The School Council plays a key role in promoting the Welsh language around the school.

  • Key role for the School Council.
  • Use of the character ‘Celt’ in every class.
  • Promoting activities beyond the classroom e.g. Eisteddfod.
  • Visitors e.g. art, music, poetry, sport.
  • Use of digital technology.
  • Reinforcing the need for both wheels to function!
What are the advantages?
  • It is easier for those who speak two languages to learn other languages.
  • Research also determines that bilingual pupils also tend to do better in other subjects at school.
  • More jobs than ever before in Wales are asking for bilingual skills. Welsh is a valuable asset in the workplace
  • On average, bilingual children achieve higher English test and exam results than children who speak only one language.
The role of the governors

Our Government body: -

  • Take an active part in its implementation. We have a designated governor for supporting a Language Charter
  • Take an active role in it’s implementation.
  • Support the School Council.
  • Use the Welsh language where possible during school visits.
  • Celebrate school successes.
  • Attend activities to promote the Welsh language.
  • Support the School Council in promoting the use of Welsh within the local community.
  • Pupils are aware of the charter.
  • It is consistently included on the School Council’s agenda.
  • Parents were informed of the charter.
  • Guidance is given to parents on how/where to learn Welsh within the community.
  • Governors have an active role in supporting the charter with one specific governor lead role.
  • The workforce work together to promote the school’s vision for promoting the use of Welsh.


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