ECO Shool

Ysgol Griffith Jones – Eco Project 

Ysgol Griffith Jones began its successful Eco programme in 2006 being able to integrate and encourage its pupils to engage with environmental and sustainable development issues. The programme continuously provides a highly structured system for the environmental management of schools. 

The programme is a learning resource and topic areas include:
Waste minimisation,
Healthy Living,
School Grounds,
Global Citizenship.  

Pupils take key roles in decision making and participation in order to reduce the environmental impact of their school. In this way, Eco-schools extend learning beyond the classroom and develops responsible citizenship attitudes both at home and in the wider community.

Here is a brief synopsis of our Eco achievements: 

Bronze award Established fruit shop.
Set up a recycling system.
Provided a games equipment resource box for play times.
Energy saving awareness.
Yard game markings, outside seating. 
Silver award Improved our recycling system – batteries,ffones4school, Christmas cards recycling, creating our own decorations.
Planned and obtained a Lottery Heritage Grant to build an outdoor classroom
Green Flag Improve the appearance of the outside entrance way to be more welcoming and colourful.
Make a school garden.
Continue with our Routes and Wings Global Citizenship programme 
Second Green FlagMonitor use of water.
Make use of water butt in school garden.
Enhance school grounds with added planting projects.
Recycle hall curtains. Create goods to sell to the community to finance National Gallery Art project.
Platinum AwardCarry out an energy survey and introduce energy saving measures.
Establish a composting system to make use of food waste.
Raise awareness of recycling opportunities with support from the PTFA.

Ysgol Griffith Jones’ Eco programme evolves and develops according to the needs and interests of the pupils. It is monitored regularly. The Eco committee as do the pupils accepts the importance and seriousness of saving resources, energy and recycling according to our Eco-code.

Ysgol Griffith Jones’ aim is to develop an Eco-schools ethos within our school community where each child will care and respect their immediate environment reaching out to their local community and expanding further internationally. 

Hopefully together we can live in a safe, clean and fair environment.