Ysgol Griffith Jones

Our vision – Ysgol Griffith Jones aims to use evolving technologies as a means to improve learning without limitations.

Ysgol Griffith Jones offers some of the best buildings and resources of any Primary School in Carmarthenshire. The Nursery offers excellent provision for children under five. The Hall, the stage and the mobile stage provide opportunities to develop drama work and to hold social evenings. The wide playing fields offer a great place to practice different activities in the world of sports. In addition, a huge Gym provides opportunities for children to practice gymnastics, movement, netball, basketball, dance, athletics and badminton. A brand new library was opened in September 2022 to meet the children’s reading requirements. 

There are two streams in the school

Welsh stream – Classes receive their education through the medium of Welsh. 

English stream – Classes receive their education mainly through the medium of English and Welsh is taught as a second language. Welsh is the main teaching medium in the Nursery and Reception Classes. From Year 3 onwards, parents choose either education in the Welsh Stream or the English Stream.

On average there are around 20 – 30 children in each class. Normally there will not be more than two year ranges in any class.