School Council

Ysgol Griffith Jones’ School Council is a group of approximately 20 children elected by their fellow pupils through a secret ballot to represent their opinions and raise issues with senior managers and governors in the school. The School Council can also take forward projects on behalf of the pupils and be involved in planning of certain issues i.e school development projects.

Every Key Stage 2 class has elected representatives to sit on the School Council. 

The School Council is made up of :
Chairperson …..
Vice-chair ….
Secretary …
Treasurer …
and class representatives  

The representatives attend meetings to discuss events and to hear of any developments that affect the school and pupils and the way forward. They have a very important role to play as they have to report back to their classes after the meetings and put forward issues that need to be discussed at the following meeting. Also in turn they visit Key Stage 1 classes to explain what has happened and to listen to their points of view. 

Children who get involved in decision-making feel it’s a good thing to do because : 

  • they feel listened to
  • they know that their views count
  • they gain important skills such as listening to others , putting their ideas across and working as a team
  • they gain confidence to work with adults
  • they see results.
  • ……….and because it’s fun!

Pupil participation is about all the different ways you can get your voice heard and take part in decision making in the school. 

Here are a few issues that the school council at Ysgol Griffith Jones have been connected with over the past years: 

  • Establishing a healthy school e.g. running a fruit shop, better outside playing facilities and resources.
  • Improving the schools appearance e.g. a pupil survey on safety and appearance resulting in outdoor wall art work; repairing fences potholes; planting flowers and especially keeping the staff aware of broken or misused facilities in the school (especially the toilets)
  • Charity work ,local and national e.g. being responsible for a recycling project “Bags2school”; recycling of Christmas Cards.
  • Supporting all Eco- school ventures
  • Hosting and representing the school at certain events e.g interviewed to gain our Eco green flag; at school functions; taking part at an annual School Council forum at Ysgol Bro Myrddin Comprehensive School.

Ysgol Griffith Jones realise that their School Council is an invaluable link between the children and staff raising and answering issues that may not have been otherwise recognised. Therefore, resulting in a strong and positive voice which contributes to the improvement of the school’s ethos, objectives, standards and expectations.