For all pupils at Ysgol Griffith Jones Primary School who have an additional need we:

• Value and recognise the role families play in their pupil’s lives and work closely in partnership with them.

• Employ an experienced Additional Educational Needs Coordinator to lead on Additional Learning Needs (ALN’s) provision across the school.

• Deliver high quality teaching, adapting the curriculum and our resources to ensure pupils can access the learning.

• Seek support and advice from outside agencies such as: Team around the Family (TAF), Paediatrics, Speech and Language Therapy and the Educational Psychology Service etc., to ensure each child’s needs are fully identified and understood and to learn from specialists how best to support our ALN pupils.

• Provide on-going training to teachers and teaching assistants in meeting pupils’ needs in the classroom.

• Liaise closely with secondary schools at transition times to ensure ALN pupil information is clearly communicated and recommendations heard so that the move to secondary school is as smoother as possible.

• Use pupil-friendly targets and needs-based individual education plans (IEPs).

ALN Reform

From September 2021, there are changes being made to the way that Additional Learning Needs [ALN] will be carried out in schools. The ALN Act sets out the new statutory support system in Wales for children and young people with special needs. We are currently working in collaboration with Carmarthenshire County Council to ensure a smooth transition to the new ALN Act.

In line with the ALN Statutory Reform, the school promotes a person-centred approach to planning targets and next steps in learning. Personalising education is about recognising that every pupil with additional learning needs is an individual. By focusing on what matters to each individual child we can respond to their needs. Each pupil with additional learning needs can be taught and supported in the best possible way to ensure that they reach their potential.

You may wish to access more information in regard to the ALN processes and ALN Statutory Reform. Please see the links below:

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