St Clears is located in West Carmarthenshire on the main road from Carmarthen to Pembrokeshire. At St Clears the river Taf is fed by two smaller rivers, the Dewi and the Cynin, as it winds its way to its estuary at Laugharne. St Clears is a small town that has witnessed a growth in the last twenty years with the erection of private and council houses. Agriculture has been an important provider of employment in the town but sadly the dairy factory and cattle market have closed down. Today many residents travel to Carmarthen for their work.

St Clears has an interesting history going back to the beginning of the last millennium when the Normans arrived and built a motte and bailey castle. The Pilgrims church, the old priory and the Parish church also add to the colourful history of the town. St Clears can also boast exciting times during the Rebecca Riots when local toll gates were destroyed time and again. In recent years a Leisure Centre has been built and many improvements have been made to the towns appearance, including the new bridge depicting the wild boar dashing through the town chased by Culhwch and also the Craft Centre.