Healthy School

Carmarthenshire Healthy School Scheme

Ysgol Griffith Jones is officially a Healthy School promoting and encouraging a healthy lifestyle as one of its main priorities. The pupils, staff and the community have enjoyed learning and achieving from the projects with numerous benefits. 

The Healthy Schools Scheme project forms part of the World Health Organisation’s Initiative European Network of Health Promoting Schools. 

The project looks at ways in which schools can contribute to the health of pupils, teachers and the wider community through the development of a health promoting school environment. 

In a health promoting school 

  • health is taught through the formal curriculum.
  • Considerations of health permeates the hidden curriculum or school ethos.
  • Links are developed between home, school and the wider community.

Ysgol Grffith Jones has received four leaves (levels) already and will be presented with the fifth leaf during the Summer Term.

Level 1:

The Environment e.g. 

  • establishing an Eco friendly school. (Eco committee)
  • reviewing and improving recycling.(more rubbish bins, recycling Christmas cards, paper, plastic, mobile phones, ink cartridges.)
  • involved in “Big Arts Week” project ( textile wall Hangings.)


  • Extra-curricular activities. (Urdd, outdoor activities, Dragon Sports, tennis, golf.)
  • establishing a playtime resource box.

Level 2:

Extended Environment Activities 

  • continued development of recycling activities
  • improved staff and pupils kitchen facilities
  • building of outside classroom.

Health and Emotional welfare of the school

  • establishing School Council
  • numerous charitable activities
  • circle time.

Level 3:


  • Staff’s involvement in Catering Course
  • School nurse
  • “Heartstart”
  • All Wales School Police Liaison Programme


  • Reviewed school’s health and safety policy
  • Input from the Welsh Assembly on the dangers of smoking.
  • Internet activities
  • All Wales School Police Liaison Programme

Level 4:  


  • Integrating information on nutrition into the curriculum.
  • Improve understanding of Nutritional facts (healthy eating, food plate and using the ‘Cook it box.’)
  • Introduce the children to Fair-trade
  • Specific activities based on food (fruit shop, smoothies and developing the garden)

Level 5:  


  • Create and develop the school’s hygiene policy
  • Raise the pupils’ awareness of the importance of washing their hands (poster competition)
  • Improve toilet hygiene (rota to check on hygiene)
  • Integrating information about hygiene into the curriculum ( viruses , preparing fruit and storage of food)
  • Raising the awareness of staff room hygiene
  • Raising the pupils’ awareness and importance of brushing their teeth (visit by a dentist)

Our healthy activities are an integral part of our pupils’ education creating a more responsible and inspired attitude towards a more caring future.